Wisdom of the Elders featured on Koin.com

Happy Earth Week Everyone. Wisdom of the Elders is featured on Koin.com

Wisdom is busy this Earth Week partnering and celebrating Earth Day, Week, and Month with Earthday Oregon, an organization that works with Nonprofit Partners who work year-round across Oregon to create a more just and sustainable world, Come Thru Market which is an incubator market that supports Black, and Indigenous farmers, and makers, and Wombyn’s Wellness Garden who’s mission is in building connection and community around healthy families/bodies, food access & gatherings.

We want to give special thanks to our staff member, Karina Ceron who put in an outstanding effort in organizing Wisdom with the partnership. You can read more about how Wisdom of the Elders is featured on Koin.com 

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Earth Day Oregon Campaign Raffle

This month Wisdom will be hosting an online raffle, as a part of a larger campaign to support Oregon nonprofits with sustainable development goals– like ourselves! The grand prize(s) will be a goodie basket comprised of items donated by both of these AMAZING local businesses (think tinctures, teas, herbal medicines… maybe even some fresh goodies)!