Wisdom Board of Directors Directory

Donald (Don) Motanic:

Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation

Don has been a Technical Specialist with the Intertribal Timber Council since 1995. He’s spent most of his 42-year career as a forest engineer and forest manager with the Bureau of Indian Affairs that included living and working with the Yakama Nation, Umatilla and Spokane Tribes.  He has been involved with Native youth through the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., Washington Ag Forestry Leadership Foundation, Washington State University-Vancouver Native Advisory Council, Society of American Foresters, Big Brothers and Big Sisters. At home in Brush Prairie, WA, the family’s horse boarding business has evolved with Don and his wife Mary Beth, helping their daughter Jayme move into breeding and training reining horses.

Valerie (Usdi Tsiskwa) Goodness PhD

Valerie (Usdi Tsiskwa) Goodness PhD

Tsalagi and Chippawa heritage
Ph.D. Indigenous Studies
MS and BS in Watershed Natural Resource Restoration and Conservation. Minor in Ethnic Studies with a focus on applications of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in collaboration with Western science in ecosystems conservation and restoration.

Valerie has been a Tribal Liaison, TEK curriculum developer, educator, TEK practitioner, mentor, intern trainer, and presenter. Valerie is a certified stream restoration practitioner and as a National Science Foundation Fellow, was selected to present her Ph.D. work in Washington DC.

In her spare time, she is a Mother, beader, native flute player, gardener, and storyteller.

Carla Dean

Charlene Holycross


Previous Chairman for the Siletz Nesika Illahee & Restoration Powwow- fundraising, donations, and security. Served on Board for Siletz School District- fundraising at OSU & UO for continuing higher education opportunities. Developed a Mentoring Program with Elders and Tribal members, promoting programs and finance administration, and assisted with Johnson O’Malley funding for students. Presenter to Washington State Legislation for funding for Student Council. Cultural Consultant, Indian Education, Youth Coordinator/Parent Committee. Coordinate Youth activities and Culture Camps- Longview WA. Taught classes and held demonstrations for Tacoma Art Museum and Capital Museum and regional schools, Olympia WA. Business owner- J&J Traders, Native gifts, supplies, artwork, art appraisals, U.S. and Canada. USDA Director-Tribal, State and Government, 15 Counties in Oregon.

CarlaDean Caldera:

Tuhudyatukadu (Deer-eater Band) Northern Paiute

Indigenous Creative – As an Indigenous Educator for over 20 years, I believe cultural inclusion & diversity are wonderful avenues towards understanding one another in this world. As a Native American Cultural bearer, I have shared Our Elders’ knowledge as they request it as so. Sharing with tribal & non-tribal communities through home visits, festivals, audio recordings, videos, curriculum development, language & crafts classes, Culture Camps & school invites. I am looking into the futuristic sharing of cultural information through Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality application developments.

Mr. Robert (Bob) Mikonotunne

Sixes Bands of Tutuni Indians, and Rogue River, and Shasta and Enrolled Member of Umpqua of Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

Bob lobbied for the Siletz tribe’s recognition as a sovereign nation which was achieved on November 18, 1977, and served as the first General Manager of the tribe for two and a half years. He was employed for 17 years as an Education Specialist and Education Director for the Tribes. He has been an advocate for Indian Education serving on local, state, regional, and national boards/associations. He has served on Advisory boards at two four-year educational institutions. As well as a consultant to the National Science Foundation and NASA Grants, to bring more knowledge into the Sciences. Mr. Tom retired in 1998 after 19 ½ years with the tribes.

As an elder, Mr. Tom is a valuable source of information and educational insight into understanding the past, present, and direction of our sovereign nations and our urban and rural Indian communities. He has been an Emcee for over 50 years at countless functions and powwows and many tribal communities and tribal projects. He has many close family members, (including his beautiful wife who is a highly decorated Veteran: Medals of Honor and Bronze Stars ….(including his son and daughter), who are U.S. Veterans since WWII up to today and continue to assist and serve in support of all veterans on many fronts.