Board of Directors

President of Board of directors, Don Motanic

Donald (Don) Motanic:

Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. Board President (2019 – Present)


Confederated Tribes Of Umatilla Indian Reservation

Areas of expertise: Forestry Engineer, Forest Management, American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)
Technical Specialist with the Intertribal Timber Council since 1995. 42-year career as a Forest Engineer and Forest Manager with the Bureau of Indian Affairs that included living and working with the Yakama Nation, Umatilla, and Spokane Tribes. Engaged with Native youth through the American Indian Science and Engineering Society-(AISES).

Advisory Councils for Curriculum and Programming with Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. Washington Agricultural Forestry Leadership Foundation, Washington State University-Vancouver Native Advisory Council, Society of American Foresters, Big Brothers, and Big Sisters. At home in Brush Prairie, WA, the family’s Horse Boarding Business with his wife Mary Beth, helping their daughter Jayme move into breeding and training reining horses.

Carla Dean

Charlene Holycross

Board Member (2020 – Present)

Siletz Tribe

Areas of expertise: Cultural Consultant, USDA Director-Tribal, State & Government, Mentoring-Tribal members/Elders
Previous Chairman for the Siletz Nesika Illahee & Restoration Pow Wow fundraising, donations, and security. Served on Board for Siletz School District- fundraising at OSU & UO for continuing higher education opportunities. Developed a Mentoring Program with Elders and Tribal members, promoting programs and finance administration, and assisted with Johnson O’Malley funding for students.

Presenter to Washington State Legislation for funding for Student Council. Cultural Consultant, Indian Education, Youth Coordinator/Parent Committee. Coordinate Youth activities and Culture Camps- Longview WA. Taught classes and held demonstrations for Tacoma Art Museum and Capital Museum and regional schools, Olympia WA. Business owner – J&J Traders, Native gifts, supplies, artwork, art appraisals, U.S. and Canada. USDA Director-Tribal, State and Government, 15 Counties in Oregon.

Jenn Cairo - Board of Directers

Jenn Cairo

Board Member (2023)

Areas of expertise: Non-profit board service, ecology, forest management, urban forestry, arboriculture, organization leadership and management, workforce training and development, program and policy development and implementation, volunteer management, partnerships, and collaborative projects
Jenn has been a public servant in natural resources management for nearly 30 years including with the State of Oregon and City of New York. Since 2012 she has served as the City Forester for Portland.

Jenn earned a BS in Foreign Service, MS in Forestry, and Master of Public Administration and is a certified arborist, municipal arborist, tree risk assessor, and advocate for Indigenous culture, science, and wisdom. Jenn spends her free time with family, friends, and dogs, reading, moving, as a volunteer land restoration leader, and in awe of plants and critters.

Sean Britt

Sean Britt

Board Member (2023)

Cherokee – Tahlequah

Areas of expertise: Traditional Language, songs and Traditional Foods, Cultural Crafts, Canoe Journeys

Sean is from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Adopted and raised by the Northwest tribes, Washington. Sean is a Canoe Journey skipper for the Cowlitz Tribe. Sean is a Cultural Keeper with the Elders of the Northwest, Fire Starter for Wellbriety.

ROBBI KUMALO - Wisdom Board of directors

Robbi Kumalo

Board Member (2023)


Areas of expertise: Create and Produce full theatrical productions for schools, festivals, and performing art centers. Recorded and toured with Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, and Mary J Blige.

Cast and directed professional actors and musicians, develop and staff programs and workshops for discipline-specific learning in the Arts. Produce and create long and short-term school and after-school residencies for integrated arts learning that focus on drama, musical theater, character information, and puppetry. Marketing, provide event promotions to enhance brand and awareness of upcoming shows.

Robbi Kumalo is a versatile artist who has made significant contributions to various fields throughout her career. With skills in somatic healing, Reiki, voice acting, and artist management, she excels in multiple areas. As a somatic and Reiki healer, Robbi guides individuals on transformative journeys, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through her deep understanding of the mind-body connection.

In voice acting, Robbi’s powerful lyric soprano has enchanted audiences worldwide. She effortlessly transitions between genres, leaving a lasting impression and collaborating with industry giants on esteemed television shows. Robbi has also demonstrated her talent as an artist manager, working with renowned NEA Jazz Master, Jimmy Owens. Her expertise in coordinating logistics, facilitating collaborations, and promoting exceptional performances has contributed to the success of the artists she manages.

Looking ahead, Robbi aims to combine healing and artistic expression by incorporating somatic practices into her performances. She plans to create immersive experiences that resonate emotionally with audiences, utilizing her captivating voice and storytelling abilities. Furthermore, Robbi envisions expanding her artist management portfolio to include diverse talents from various musical genres. Through her industry knowledge and passion for nurturing artists’ careers, she seeks to create opportunities for emerging talents to shine on a global scale.

With her unique blend of skills and unwavering dedication, Robbi Kumalo pushes boundaries and redefines versatility in the arts. Whether healing through somatic practices, captivating audiences with her voice acting, or guiding artists toward success, her multifaceted talents continue to inspire and leave a lasting impact on the artistic landscape.