Multimedia Internships

Paid internship opportunities for Native American and BIPOC students in the Portland area.

Spring 2024 March – May

The leadership of Native American communities and other BIPOC professionals in the Film and Multimedia arts sector is dynamic and growing. become part of the story!

Wisdom Multimedia

We are looking for creative individuals who can work collaboratively and independently to accomplish multimedia projects at Wisdom. We have recorded 450 or more Native American elders, cultural leaders and indigenous scientists since 1990.

As a result, we have been able to feature their wisdom and knowledge while producing Wisdom of the Elders Radio Program series, Climate and Native Wisdom Documentary Series, Discovering Our Story TV Program and culturally tailored multimedia curriculum. In addition, we have held a number of public cultural celebrations.

We use film, video, photography and text to produce documentaries using our cultural magazine format. We share these resources at no charge from our website and e-newsletter, in social media, and other special outreach to Native community members, educational institutions and the public.

What you will learn

Wisdom Multimedia Internship Work Objectives

In the past, Wisdom Interns have had the unique opportunity to learn multimedia production by contributing to diverse projects. We value all of our interns and plan to go the extra mile to make sure you receive a learning experience that fits your career goals. This internship is different this year because we are partnering with Open Signal and will be suited for students who are aspiring multimedia creators looking for an opportunity to complete meaningful work that you can add to your portfolio but also leave the program as a certified producer.

This internship will provide opportunities to take part in creative projects and expose you to both traditional and digital activities from start to finish under our guidance. We will provide hands-on workforce development experience as you develop your skills in film and video field production, post production editing, photography and archival work. You will have options to learn to create new media, social media and television studio production.

You will also have an opportunity to plan and coordinate public events including film festivals and Film Screenings and Community Consultations work in a professional environment with ample opportunity to network with our staff, professionals and community leaders in non-profit and for-profit sectors. You can add to your portfolio while telling Wisdom stories about our community of Native elders, youth and other family members as well as our special partners and volunteers.

Assist Wisdom with one of our projects. Select from the following:

  1.  Series of Film Festival and Film Screenings and Community Consultation events
  2.  Wisdom Archive Initiative 
  3. NISA Storytelling Archives Project;
  4.  Climate and Native Wisdom Documentary Series production or planning
  5. Work with Native  School students on a film or other project
  6. participate in Fieldtrips and travel projects
  7. Producing video clips for Wisdom Workforce environment assessment and habitat restoration lesson plans
  8. Work on the Discovering Our Story: Generations TV team
  9. Native media blog or other new media project.
  10. Provide team support to projects other Multimedia Workforce and ITEK Interns are completing
  11. Create your own creative project.
    Film Shoot

    More Internship Details

    Wisdom Multimedia Workforce Internships are usually three to six months in length but can become longer at times. You are expected to work 8-12 hours per week, spread out over 2-3 days each week. Most work is accomplished at the Open Signal Studio, but occasional work in the field is also needed. If you are currently enrolled in school, we are flexible around key times including final exams, holidays, and vacation.

    Position Requirements

    1. Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate, preferably some higher education.
    2. Interest in multimedia and other services and activities Wisdom provides
    3. Interest in working with Native elders, youth, volunteers, and other community members
    4. Must have reliable transportation to and from the Wisdom office
    5. Must pass a background check and submit to a criminal history background check and National Sex Offender Registry

    This program is made possible thanks to the support of our community, partners, guest educators, and would not be possible without generous funds from MHCRC.

    Open Signal PDX

    Online Application

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have