Wisdom Staff Members

Wisdom staff have more than three decades of experience

Wisdom staff have more than three decades of educational, project management and oversight experience designing, developing, funding and managing multi-year, multi-partner, culturally-responsive education programs with Native American adults and youth. This includes Native American adult interns completing the Wisdom Workforce Development Internship. Wisdom has accomplished projects with federal agencies since 2002, including National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and National Park Service. Established Wisdom staff who will coordinate this project include:

Teresa Montana

Executive Director
(Eastern Band Cherokee, Dakotah)

Executive Director (Eastern Band Cherokee, Dakota) Teresa has worked at Wisdom since January 2018 and now serves as Wisdom’s Executive Director. She has also worked at Washington State University Vancouver, Evergreen School District Title VII Indian Education Program, and Southern Oregon University’s Native American Studies Program. She also served on the board of the Vancouver Historical Society and volunteered with Wisdom in 2012 as Discovering Our Story Advisory Council member. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from Washington State University, Vancouver, WA in 2015

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Tim Keenan Burgess

Multimedia Coordinator (Paiute, Shoshone)

Multimedia Coordinator (Paiute, Shoshone) Tim is Wisdom’s Multimedia Coordinator and Co-Director/Producer of Wisdom’s ongoing documentary film series. Tim received his Associates of Applied Science in Multimedia and a second Associates in Video Production from Portland Community College. He has served as Producer/Director at Eisenwald Records; Associate Producer for The Learning Channel; as well as editor, camera operator, key grip/gaffer for many broadcast companies. He was an organizer and promoter for the Portland Oregon Indigenous Film Festival “One Flaming Arrow” in 2016 and 2017. He currently provides training for emerging Native filmmakers and peer mentors and serves as supervisor to the team of educators and Native Peer Mentors. He is also Co-Producer of Wisdom’s monthly TV show.

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Kunu Dittmer Bearchum

Multimedia Producer
(Northern Cheyenne/Ho-Chunk Nation)

 Kunu is Wisdom’s Multimedia Producer and Filmmaking Educator. He received his Associates Degree in Multimedia and Certificate in Video Production at Portland Community College. In 2016 Kunu helped organize and promote Portland Oregon’s first Indigenous Film Festival, One Flaming Arrow. Since then, as part of Wisdom of the Elders, Kunu has worked with Native youth at Chemawa Indian School to build their leadership skills and solidify positive self-esteem through rap and filmmaking and help lead Wisdom’s Multimedia Internship that has culminated in developing emerging indigenous filmmakers. Currently Kunu is a Co-Producer of Discovering Our Story TV and Co-Producer of Wisdom of the Elders ongoing documentary series. 

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Dawn Lowe

TEK Education Coordinator
(Hawaiian,Apache, Mohawk)

Dawn is Education Coordinator for Wisdom Workforce Development interns. She was an original member of the first Wisdom Workforce Development LLC team in 2015 which collected and processed Native seeds for Metro’s Native Plant Center. She provides environmental education and habitat restoration curriculum which integrates Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). She is a gifted ethnobotanist with knowledge of the gifts of Native plant species as well as invasive species. She also strives to develop and share herbal remedies and traditional herbal arts using Native plants.

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Alvey R. Seeyouma

Wisdom Workforce Development Coordinator/Crew Leader Supervisor
(Hopi-Tewa, Tobacco Clan/Sand Clan)

Tobacco Clan/Sand Clan) Alvey has been the Lead Crew Leader for Wisdom Workforce Development LCC and Crew Leader for the Internship crew since 2017. As Crew Leader Supervisor, he is directing the training of Assistant Crew Leaders. He is currently working with our many partners on contract work assignments, building new partnerships for future contract work, and attending trainings with various organizations to develop new knowledge/skills to apply in the field. Coordinator recruits’ applicants for Wisdom’s Internships which train and teach Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) to be applied in the field. Alvey speaks about TEK at various community events. He has served with the Urban Forestry Tree Stewardship Advisory Committee in 2017. Alvey has five years of experience as a crew member and squad leader with the Hopi Tribe; “Southwest Forest Fire Fighter” Team based out of Coconino County, Flagstaff, Arizona. He is also an Honorable Navy veteran and is a member of the Northwest Indian Veterans Association (NIVA) and serves as an Honor/Color Guard team member.

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Duane Lane

Program Coordinator – (WABI) -Wisdom Agricultural Incubator Program
(Yakama Tribal Affiliation)

Duane has an environmental science background and fifteen years’ experience specializing in urban stream and wetland mitigation projects utilizing native plants. The mitigation projects Duane has worked on, enhances the urban environment for clean water, fish, macro invertebrates, pollinators, birds and wildlife. He has a passion for the outdoors and gardening in addition to practicing salmon safe growing practices at his work, and home while gardening.

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Nellie McConville

Programs Manager (Nez Perce, Kamilthpah)

Nellie is an artist, treaty fisher, bead worker, and incorporates Native culture into her works. Nellie has written diabetes curriculum for Wisdom’s Discovering Our Story, been instrumental in developing Native American Rehabilitation Association, Inc. diabetes program, Portland State University Healing Feathers suicide awareness program, and the inception of the NIKE Native Fitness Training attended by many tribes over the past 14 years. Nellie utilizes her Native culture, education, and life experiences to create culturally appropriate programs. She has a B.A. in Community Health Education and B.S. in Cultural Anthropology from Portland State University

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Matt McLean

Asst. Coordinator for WWD/LLC (Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation)

Matt is both an Assistant Coordinator for the WWD/LLC; and a crew member, as well as the IT Administrator for the organization. He started out on the Wisdom Workforce Development internship and graduated into LLC work while growing into different roles with Wisdom. Originally from Canada, he is passionate about the environmental field as a way to honor and help his family. Matt studied Creative Writing at Vancouver Film School and at the University of British Columbia.

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