Green Workforce Training Opportunities

Paid internship opportunities for Native American adults and BIPOC in the Portland area.
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The leadership of Portland’s Native American communities in the environmental sector is dynamic and growing!

Green Workforce TrainingWisdom of the Elders is proud to offer paid internship opportunities that give job skills and holistic education to people who want to work in the environmental sector. This program is 12 weeks long, happens twice a year, and would not be possible without the support of our community educators and partners, environmental partner organizations, and our generous funders.

From March 15th, 2021 through the week of June 7th, we will meet three days a week either virtually or at various natural areas in the Portland area. Out of concern for Covid-19 we are requiring interns to access public transportation, secure a ride, or have a driver’s license and their own vehicle to get to the natural area work sites. We ask all participants to respect social distancing protocols, mask up and keep each other safe.

Every Tuesday & Thursday, the cohort will gain hands-on experience in the field with partner organizations like Oregon Metro, Portland Parks & Recreation, Johnson Creek Watershed Council, Rose CDC, Zenger Farm and more. Each Wednesday will be class day online (either Zoom or Google Classroom) where WOTE TEK Education Coordinator, Dawn Lowe (Hawaiian,Apache, Mohawk), will hold space for us all to learn together about:

Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Indigenous peoples (also known as TEK)
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)
Native American cultural arts

More Workforce Details

  • Stipends of $3600 are paid in monthly installments upon receiving timesheets
  • Transportation and technology assistance (TriMet passes/borrowed tablets, etc) might be able to be arranged if needed, please send questions to 
  • In the past, some of the knowledge or practices we share in these spaces were forcibly withheld from our communities. To protect Native peoples and cultures, Wisdom of the Elders will never share any sacred or secret knowledge, family harvest sites, stories that are not ours or that are inappropriate to share with just anyone. We are not medicine people and we do not train others in that way.

 WWD Interns are usually asked to complete 2 internships depending on their previous experience. After graduation, participants can: 

  1. Apply for employment with our WWD, LLC Habitat Restoration contract firm in Portland as Field Technician 
  2. Explore employment options with our partner organizations when they arise with assistance from WOTE staff
  3. Apply for future job positions that open up at Wisdom of the Elders 501(c)3 non-profit
  4. Receive assistance in future applications to work or school opportunities that will benefit your career pathway

Online Application

Apply today with the survey below so we can come together to honor our traditional ways of relating to the place and caring for the land!Thank you.