Hello, Friends of Wisdom,

We are always delighted to share with you the programs and events we are engaged in.

Our staff has many opportunities to be in the field and at the table with community members and our partners to make plans and strategize on how we can best be of service to our extended communities.

We are grateful for the partnerships that we work with to enhance and restore the beautiful landscapes and community gardens we all enjoy. To know we are revitalizing those shared spaces in nature that bring so many people joy is what drives us to remain committed to our mission!

Thank you all for your generous support and impactful partnerships. Our Year-End G!G Fundraising Campaign was fantastic! We are always humbled and delighted to see how much support and encouragement we receive from you all.

As we endeavor to make a difference in our shared communities, we certainly know we can not do this alone. There is so much good work to be done that helps lift us all up to the greatness we can be together. Helping each other is the best gift we can give and receive.

So with a heartfelt Thank You, we extend our gratitude to every one of you!

We have increased our staff to bring in even more talent and commitment to our mission and vision of sharing Indigenous thought and lifeways for Restoration and Conservation…Not only for the land and environment we share but also for the interpersonal relationships this work brings. I have to say, as a team, we are all committed to the goals set before us and support and lift each other and step in whenever and however we can.

Hand in Hand we continue to move forward to create connections and share resources that heal the land and create wonderful relationships for stronger and healthier communities.

ITEK Graduation

Graduates for our Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK) Internships have joined our Wisdom Workforce Development, LLC Crew or have found positions working with our partners while some have moved on to increase their opportunities in the field by furthering their schooling. To all of you, thank you for walking with us in our important work, we wish you continued success!

Get paid $19/hr, up to 200hrs Wisdom of the Elders is thrilled to announce the commencement of our 2024 Spring ITEK Internship program! Designed to provide valuable environmental education, job skills, and career pathway support, this paid internship opportunity is tailor-made for individuals aspiring to make a difference in the environmental sector.

At Wisdom of the Elders, we prioritize environmental restoration and the integration of Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) into our programs. Our internship program spans 12 weeks, occurring each Spring and Fall, offering participants a comprehensive learning experience.

Throughout the internship, interns will engage in a variety of activities focused on gaining hands-on experience in the field. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, participants will convene both online and in person to collaborate with partner organizations, working towards environmental conservation and restoration goals.

Central to our internship program is the Wednesday class day, held in NE Portland, where our esteemed TEK Instructor, Dawn Lowe (Hawaiian, Apache, Mohawk), will guide participants through a rich curriculum. These sessions will cover a range of topics including:

  • Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Native peoples (ITEK)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)-related concepts
  • Native American cultural arts, including traditional practices and medicinal/edible plant knowledge

This unique learning experience offers interns the opportunity to immerse themselves in both practical fieldwork and theoretical knowledge, providing a well-rounded foundation for future careers in the environmental sector.

Join us this Spring as we embark on a journey of learning, discovery, and environmental stewardship. Together, we can cultivate a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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For more information and to apply, please visit our website or contact or

End-of-year Fundraising

We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of our Wisdom of the Elders fundraising campaign, made possible through the invaluable partnership and the WW Give! Guide. Thanks to the unwavering support of our dedicated donors throughout the year, we have surpassed our goals and achieved remarkable milestones. 

Your generosity has not only enabled us to fund projects and hire new staff but also preserves and celebrates the wisdom of our elders and has empowered us to continue our vital work in the community. We extend our deepest gratitude to every donor who contributed to our cause, recognizing your pivotal role in making a meaningful difference. 

Your kindness and generosity truly exemplify the spirit of giving, and we are profoundly grateful for your ongoing support. Visit our website to see the impact of your contributions and join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement. Together, we are building a brighter future for generations to come.

Community Spotlight: Kevin Coochwytewa

Our community is a vibrant tapestry woven together by diverse voices and stories. In this issue, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable work of Kevin Coochwytewa.

We are thrilled to introduce Kevin Coochwytewa, a visionary artist and esteemed member of our community, who will be lending his creative expertise to redesigning our beloved logo. With a deep reverence for tradition and an innovative spirit, Kevin brings a unique blend of heritage and contemporary flair to his work. His profound respect for the wisdom passed down by our elders, combined with his artistic prowess, promises to infuse our organization’s identity with renewed vitality and resonance.

In collaboration with Kevin, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of a logo that not only honors our rich heritage but also symbolizes our ongoing commitment to fostering wisdom, unity, and growth within our community. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey of transformation and renewal.

Kevin Coochwytewa, deeply rooted in his Indigenous Isleta Pueblo and Hopi heritage, found his passion for art and design ignited from an early age. Growing up within cultures profoundly connected to the land and community, these influences enriched his worldview and client interactions.

Bestowed with the Hopi name “Talwif’tiyo” by his paternal grandmother, meaning “Lightning Boy,” Kevin sees it as a reflection of his enthusiasm and the impactful work he aspires to create. With over 15 years of experience in senior creative roles across various industries, including arts, publishing, nonprofits, and advertising, Kevin holds a BFA in studio art from the University of Arizona. His expertise spans typography, publication design, and illustration, earning him recognition for his outstanding contributions.

Website Link:

2024 Multimedia Paid Internship Programs Starts in March

The Wisdom of the Elders multimedia department is excited to announce the relaunch of its renowned internship program for 2024. In collaboration with Open Signal, a leading organization in media empowerment, this program offers aspiring Native and Indigenous multimedia professionals a hands-on experience in a dynamic environment.

Partnering with Open Signal brings additional expertise and resources, allowing interns to work closely with industry professionals in various multimedia aspects such as video production, audio editing, graphic design, and digital media distribution.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing Indigenous and BIPOC emerging talent, this program not only provides technical skills but also encourages critical thinking and amplification of marginalized voices. Graduates will earn certification as multimedia producers through Open Signal and will have the opportunity to contribute to the relaunch of the Wisdom of the Elders TV program, “Discovering our stories – Generations.”

Applications for the program, are closed for the Spring but we still have some availability for the fall term. This internship is paid and lasts for 3 months. Stay tuned for updates.

New Staff

I would also like to welcome our new staff members. Davineekaht WhiteElk and Jae Lyle. Davineekaht is our new Environmental Instructor and Jae is our new LLC Crew Leader.

Both bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a generous spirit to our Wisdom family and are well prepared to meet the challenges to help us continue to grow and exceed in delivering on our Mission and Vision.

Welcome aboard!

Nurturing the Soul

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s essential to carve out moments of tranquility and self-care. Discover practical tips and heartfelt guidance to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, ensuring that you emerge from the winter months rejuvenated and ready to embrace the joys that lie ahead.

For more healing tips and plant advice please read Dawn Lowes posts on our website;

She has a new post coming out soon tittled: Safety in Using Our Plant Relatives

Upcoming Projects, Events & Workshops

Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey of discovery with our upcoming events and workshops. From thought-provoking discussions to hands-on activities, there’s something for everyone seeking to deepen their connection with wisdom and community.

Please take a moment to consider our Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK) and Multimedia paid internships that are offered in the Spring and Fall of each year. They are both listed below. If you or someone you know might be interested, give us a call or send an email and we can further discuss the details. 

We are also excited to let you know that we are in the process of digitizing all of our archived film footage. When this process is completed we will be able to deliver the material back to the families, people, and tribes from which they came. 

Fulfilling the promises made and giving these historical materials back is, and has been, my hope and personal commitment to our extended families and friends. 

Wisdom has ongoing partnerships with OPB and OpenSignal that will be instrumental in these projects. 

The Film festivals and screenings will be open to the public. We will keep you posted, so please keep watch for the announcements in the upcoming year.

Join Us

We extend an open invitation to you, dear friends, to join us as we traverse the winter landscape together, gathering wisdom, fostering connections, and kindling the flames of inspiration within our hearts.

In the embrace of winter’s tranquility, let us find solace and strength, drawing upon the timeless wisdom from our community. Join Wisdom of the Elders on our journey.

All my best to our families and friends,


Exec. Dir.