Minto youth

Wisdom of the Elders has launched our “Star-Storming” crowdfunding campaign. We have a wonderful opportunity to document treasured Native American elders from the Oregon Coast for our Climate and Native Wisdom documentary film series.

The Climate and Native Wisdom documentary film series allows you to see and hear the changing world of nature from the astute observations of our elders whose ancestors have watched over this land for thousands of years.

The Climate and Native Wisdom documentary film series also shares the beauty of tribal traditions – music, dance, storytelling and traditional arts. We are all beginning to witness climate issues in our communities and many people are seeking input from Native elders and their astute observations of the world of nature.

We seek networking support from you, our community, to raise $40,000 which matches our National Endowment for the Arts grant. The campaign launched at Wisdom’s office just east of Kelly Butte in SE Portland on Tuesday, November 24th. We screened both of the Alaskan Climate and Native Wisdom documentary films at this event, engaged in discussions about the project, served delicious food, and gave out some gifts to our supporters. For more information, visit the Generosity by Indiegogo campaign page (Click Here), email or callNico Wind at (503) 775-4014.