Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA)

NISA LogoWe welcome Washington, Oregon and Idaho tribal members, along with the region’s urban Indian storytellers from other nations around Turtle Island, to join the Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA).

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NISA MISSION STATEMENT: NISA was formed in 2005 to encourage, preserve and strengthen traditional storytelling among tribes and urban Indian communities in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. In the spirit of race reconciliation, NISA shares tribal cultural arts with the entire regional community at our annual storytelling gatherings.

You don’t have to be a master storyteller to join NISA. Emerging tribal storytellers and those who would like to start learning their tribe’s stories are also welcome to join NISA. You will have opportunities to get acquainted with master storytellers and fellow storytellers and learn from them during storytelling workshops we hold annually as part of our storytelling gatherings.

To see photos from last October, click here:

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Photos from the 10th Annual NISA Gathering!

Thursday October 15th, 2015

An Evening of Tribal Storytelling to Honor NIEA – First Unitarian Church of Portland

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Friday October 16th, 2015

Presented by ASPCC Native Nations Club
Portland Community College, Cascade Campus, Moriarty Arts & Humanities Building

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Saturday October 17th, 2015

Presented by Portland Art Museum, Native American Art Council – Mark Building, Fields Ballroom

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