Greetings, community! I hope you all are well and happy and enjoying the beautiful colors of fall!

Wisdom of the Elders is transitioning and looking into the future full of hope and excitement. I would like to say, I am so very honored to be considered for the Executive Director position here at Wisdom. I have much to uphold and carry forth in the vision and mission that has laid the foundation of all that Wisdom is. Wisdom’s Board of Directors is expected to make its final decision in the new year.

I, of course, must be sure to tell you all what a wonderful and amazing staff we have. Our staff has impressed and delighted me from the first day. In getting to know each of them, I can clearly see and feel the commitment, dedication and passion in the work they do.

Tim Burgess, Multimedia Coordinator

Kunu Bearchum, Multimedia Producer

Dawn Lowe, Wisdom Workforce Development Education Coordinator

Alvey Seeyouma, Wisdom Workforce Development Crew Leader

Rose High Bear, Senior Consultant and Executive Producer

We also have two new employees. Leslie Riggs (Grand Ronde) and Marissa Spang (Northern Cheyenne, Crow). Mr. Riggs is Discovering Yidong Xinag Project Coordinator, and Mrs. Spang is Wisdom Workforce Development Coordinator for our new rural initiative. We are very fortunate and excited to have them both aboard as they bring their talents and experience to enhance our programs. Welcome to you both!!!

Special thanks to our consultants:

Lora Price, Wisdom Workforce Development Project Consultant

Jocelyn Furbush, Bookkeeper and Grant Manager

Larry Johnson, Multimedia Consultant

I also want to mention our Wisdom Workforce Development interns. After weekly classroom sessions with Dawn, our team of eight all put in many hours of hard work on the ground with our partners and for our city completing environmental assessment and habitat restoration projects.

I would like to thank all of you who were able to attend our 25-year celebration and birthday celebration for Rose High Bear on November 14th! The evening was a great success and it was wonderful to see our partners and to meet new people. I also want to thank those who were with us in thought and those that sent us your warm messages of support.

As we move into the end of this year, and the fast approaching winter season, may your lives be blessed and your hearts full of joy! I give thanks to all who lift us up and support our organization as we in turn lift those who come through our doors at Wisdom of the Elders.

My best to you all,

-Teresa Montana