October’s Discovering Our Story TV

Image: Shyla Spicer
Photo Credit: Shaun Peterson

On Sunday October 5th, at 1:00 pm Discovering Our Story Television Program aired LIVE on Comcast Ch. 11 in the Portland Metro Area.

Board Treasurer for Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. Shyla Spicer (Yakama Nation) was our featured guest on Discovering Our Story Television Program Sunday, October 5 at 1 PM. Hosts Bill Ray and Nico Wind and executive producer Rose High Bear welcomed Shyla to Studio A at Portland Community Media TV and shared a meal following the program.

Operations Manager for Sustainable Business & Innovation at Nike Inc., Shyla served for the past 4 years as co-chair of Nike’s Native American Network developing a cultural design program highlighting art and fashion in Native American artistry.

The program was re-broadcast Tuesday, October 7th at 10 PM, on Portland Comcast Channel 22, and again Friday, October 10th at 9 AM, on Portland Comcast Channel 23.

Following these broadcasts, it will be added to our DOS TV archive at discoveringourstory.wisdomoftheelders.org/dostv-episodes

Wisdom of the Elders Radio Series Four: 
Indigenous Response
to Environmental and Climate Issues

Rose High Bear - Wisdom of the Elders Radio

Image: Rose High Bear recording credits in studio on September 25. Photo Credit: Lawrence Johnson

Wisdom’s radio production team is getting ready to release the first two Wisdom of the Elders Radio Programs. Series Four will feature stories, songs, and science from indigenous elders and cultural leaders of the Inupiat and Athabascans of Alaska and their response to unprecedented environmental and climate issues.

Native people are the first and most severely impacted by a shifting climate and degrading ecosystems. This impact is compounded by the fact that many Indigenous communities have few economic resources to mitigate the harmful effects of a changing climate. Indigenous communities from around the world are demonstrating resilience and resourcefulness combining both contemporary and traditional ecological knowledge to preserve threatened ways of life.

2014 Ninth Annual NISA Storytelling Festival & Emerging Storyteller Workshops


The Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA) 2014 NW Indian Storytelling Festival and Emerging Traditional Storytellers Workshops celebrated the ninth season of traditional storytelling in the Pacific Northwest. With friends and relatives joining us from around the region, generations gathered to listen to and learn from one another, the craft of traditional storytelling woven into each day.

The 2014 NISA Workshops and Festival were held October 8-12, 2014. Traditional drumming and singing, with opening prayer and commentary by treasured native elders were integral to the events.

Sign up here to become a member of NISA. The Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA) was formed in 2005 to encourage, preserve and strengthen traditional storytelling among tribes in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and to share tribal oral cultural arts with our entire regional community.