Wisdom of the Elders + The Hollywood Theater proudly present the film Native Wisdom: People of the Oregon Interior on Sunday June 10th!

As we continue our work doing film screenings and community consultations throughout the state, we were fortunate enough to have The Hollywood Theater in Portland donate their space to us and give us this opportunity.

The second half of the afternoon event will feature a few independent Native short films, and finish with a brief Q&A panel with Native Artist and Filmmaker Laronn Katchia.

We are so blessed and excited for this day of film, art and conversation!

Native Wisdom: People of the Oregon Interior
Film Screening and Community Consultation | 2PM
Independent Native Film Panel with Laronn Katchia | 3PM
The Hollywood Theater
Sunday June 10th
Tickets are currently on sale through The Hollywood Box Office
Free entry for elders
Donation and sliding scale at the door