Ohio & Indiana Storytellers

Dark Rain Thom Ohio Storyteller

Dark Rain Thom

My people were from Southern Ohio for the last several hundred years. I can remember being 8 or 9 years old and walking on the property that we now own and my father was explaining to me this little trail that we were following is not just an animal trail or a hunters trail, but it’s part of the old warrior’s path that has been here, we know, for over 400 years and it has always been in family hands. That’s part of what became US 23, south through Chillicothe. I still have property where my ancestors are buried.

Boye Ladd

Boye Ladd

My name is Boye Ladd. I come from the Ho-Chunk Nation, originally from Wisconsin, and I’ve traveled quite a bit throughout the world as a professional dancer. I started dancing when I was about four years old and I’ve been competing since traveling all over the country. Was quite instrumental in the development of a lot of the earlier powwows back in the ’60s. I started actually dancing in 1952 and I’ve seen the evolution of dance, how it’s progressed to what we see today. I was also one of the founders of the World Championship in Connecticut and quite familiar with a lot of the issues that are prevalent in powwow country, Indian country as a whole.