You Can Make a Voice

Robert GreygrassThank you, my relatives and nation for being here today. My name in English is Robert and my Lakota name is Tagniokikpeensi. I’m Lakota, Tsalagi, French and Irish.

I’m a storyteller and a singer. I’ve been recognized by many different elders from many different tribes and given their blessing to go and talk to the two-leggeds – the people. That’s why I’m talking with you today to share cultural knowledge, spiritual knowledge, and stories that are fun and entertaining as well as full of lessons and teachings about how we should live as human beings on Mother Earth.

As a singer and a storyteller, I have traveled quite a bit all across Turtle Island and other parts of the world. Turtle Island as you may know is the North American continent: Canada, the United States, and part of Mexico. A lot of native American people in these modern times have borrowed that concept from the people who lived around the Great Lakes – the different tribes around there. They say that there was a giant flood and after the flood, a great turtle raised up and she had mud on her back and all of life came back to this place, what some call the North American continent, we refer to as Turtle Island.

So I want to thank you for having me here today and it’s probably time to sing a pow-wow song or play my flute or tell a story or maybe I’ll tell you a joke and we can be laughing around together. Good one. Thank you for listening, my relatives, and in just one moment I’ll get a song up and we’ll play you a little something on the economy – the one that says you can make a voice.