Our Life is a Story

Gene Tagaban

Gene Tagaban

(Speaks in language)

I just said, “Hi”. My Tlingit name is Guy Yaaw’. I’m from the T’akdeintaan Clan, the Raven Freshwater Sockeye Clan from Hoonah, Alaska. I’m the child of Wooshketaan, Eagle Thunderbird Clan (L) in Juneau, Alaska. The original name of Juneau is called (L)”the place where the flounders gather”.

I’m the grandchild of a Thunderbird, (speaks in language). I am Tlingit, Cherokee and Filipino. And not only that, I acknowledged you, your ancestors, your people, your family, our Creator, because without our Creator, our ancestors, our family, we would have nothing.

My original name, my other name is Gene Tagaban. I am a storyteller, a counselor, a trainer, a healer. I’ve been practicing my craft now for about fifteen years or so. I remember my grandfather when I was growing up telling me that, “Son, you are a story. Life is a story.” And I didn’t understand that. What was he talking about? “I don’t understand, Grandfather.”

He said, “You are a story, son. Before you were even born your story was there. Then you got born and then your story started to breathe. Then you started to crawl, your story crawled, Son. Then you started to walk, your story walked. Then you run, your story runs. Your story is alive, Son. You’re going to grow up, go to school, graduate, go to college, get a good job, have a family. Son, your life is a story, so tell a good story. Tell a good story.

Our life is a story. What kind of story do you want to tell with your life? So go out there and tell a good story. Share your story with other people. In that way it gives them permission to live a good story.

I thank you very much. I thank you for this time that you’ve taken to listen to me, your attention and your response.

My name is Gene Tagaban. Guy Yaaw. (speaks in language) Thank you. (speaks in language).

Gene Tagaban – “ONE CRAZY RAVEN” – Influential Storyteller, Trainer, Speaker, Performer, Mentor

Gene Tagaban, “One Crazy Raven” is an influential storyteller, trainer, speaker, mentor and performer. Gene is of the Takdeintaan clan, the Raven, Freshwater Sockeye clan from Hoonah, AK. He is the Child of the Wooshkeetaan clan, the Eagle, Shark clan from Juneau, AK. He is Cherokee, Tlingit and Filipino. Gene Tagaban, “One Crazy Raven” is an inspirational speaker, performer, and storyteller. He is a board member and trainer for the Native Wellness Institute. He has been a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, Kansas City storytelling Festival, the Bay Area Storytelling festival in Berkeley, St. Louis Storytelling Festival and the Singapore International Storytelling Festival. He can be seen on Northwest Indian News and the Native Entertainment Network. He is also featured in the films “Shadow of the Salmon” and Sherman Alexie’s “The Business of Fancydancing.” He was honored to perform with the Dalai Lama in the presence of an audience of 16,000 children at the “Seeds of Compassion” gathering in Seattle. WA and the Nature Conservancies 50th anniversary with Jane Goodall. Gene’s foremost passion is teaching. Using his gift of storytelling, dance, and music, he travels across the country performing, presenting, and facilitating workshops on suicide prevention, empowerment, leadership, relationship-building, communication skills, self-awareness, spirit and honor to participants of all ages.

Gene Tagaban