Greetings to all of you~

Spring Newsletter 2022First, we at Wisdom are so delighted and continuously inspired by all of the ongoing support you all are showing us and the work that we do in our shared communities.
Your weekly and monthly donations are helping to sustain our work in the environmental sector as well as being able to create and share more curriculum for our STEM/STEAM programs.

The restoration and conservation work that our amazing crew does every day of the week, all year long rain or shine is indeed a work of love and a demonstration of care for all of us.

We understand and take to heart the fact that the preservation of our shared land is vital to everyone’s well-being and we must continue to care for and nurture that which sustains us all. By keeping the lands and the waterways healthy, we all prosper and heal and grow.

Wisdom of grateful also for the continued and expanding partnerships such as The City of Portland- Metro, Johnson Creek Watershed, East and West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Portland Parks and Rec. and to Zenger Farms for providing the space for our interns and volunteers to come to join us in the care of the land and First Foods and Medicinal plants.

Indeed your ongoing financial donations and support through collaborative partnerships are an encouragement to everyone on our staff, and we thank you all for your faith and support. We wish you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead as we step into another spring here in our beautiful North West.

Thank you,

Exec. Dir.