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Rose High Bear

Rose High Bear (Deg Hit’an Dine or Alaskan Athabaskan), Executive Producer of the national public radio program series, Wisdom of the Elders, has developed the concepts for the project and its six features. She has raised funds for the current Native American cultural magazine radio series, recorded most of the archival audio material, and expanded Wisdom of the Elders’ radio production and website team. She is coordinating upcoming field recordings for the proposed series and facilitating consultations with scholars, research and production team.

She is co-founder of the Native American 501(c)(3) non profit organization, Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., and Project Director of WISDOM’s 2001 and 2002-3 Oral History Projects in collaboration with National Parks Service. She produced five Native American oral history video collections featuring 50 Native American elders between 1998-2000. She is Executive Producer of The Respect and Honor Documentary Project, the educational documentary,”A Gift to Takoja” featuring Lakota elders’ oral histories, traditional cultural values, currently in the development phase.

She is Editor of The Seven Commandments of the White Buffalo Calf Maiden: Martin High Bear, the biography of the late Lakota medicine man, Martin High Bear. She was Project Director for An Afternoon with Wisdom of the Elders and Native American Day, several annual series of multicultural celebrations held in Portland, Oregon between 1997-2000.