Image: Harvest Moon (Quinault)   2013 8th Annual NISA Festival   Photo Credit: Treothe Bullock

Image: Harvest Moon (Quinault)
At the 2013 8th Annual NISA Festival
Photo Credit: Treothe Bullock

The Northwest Indian Storytelling Association (NISA) celebrated its ninth season of traditional tribal storytelling here in the Pacific Northwest.

Friends and relatives joined us from around the region and generations of tribal storytellers gathered to listen to and learn from one another at the Ninth Annual Northwest Indian Storytelling Festival held in Portland, OR. The art of traditional storytelling was woven into each evening from Wednesday, October 8 through Sunday October 12, and during the Emerging Tribal Storytellers Workshop.

NISA was formed in 2005 to encourage, preserve and strengthen traditional storytelling among tribes in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and to share tribal oral cultural arts with our entire regional community.

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