Nico Wind Cordova

Nico Wind (Assiniboine/Ojibwa) has been with Wisdom of the Elders since 2002. Nico helped develop the radio program, Wisdom of the Elders Radio Program by co-producing the radio segment Tribal Rhythms. She wrote, performed and produced the theme song for the radio series; provided the vocables to the “Water Loon song” intro to Discovering Our Story health and wellness curriculum. She continues to serve on the Discovering Our Story Television Program as co-host. Wind also served on Wisdom’s board served on Wisdom’s Board of Directors (1995-2002). Nico traveled 28 years as an international musical performing artist with her own show band of up to 13 members. As a solo artist song writer, she opened and sang with Ray Charles for his 1981 tour. Wind also has a broad range of sound engineering and recording experience, having recorded and produced her original CD, A Feather To Fly By. She co-produced three CDs for Native flute player Ward Stroud. Wind performs at Native events with her group Cedar Rose, and has participated in several renowned local projects as a backup singer. Wind continues in the mainstream music industry with her bands Free Rein, Full Circle, Cedar Rose, and is now (2015) producing a documentary film on the stories of Portland, Oregon’s world renowned musicians: Nico’s Road Dog Tales.

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