Join in on a two-part online film screening hosted by the Multnomah County Library featuring the efforts of Oregon’s indigenous scientists, tribal elders, and culture keepers to preserve ecosystems where they have gathered traditional food, medicine, and first foods for thousands of years. The films from The Wisdom of the elders demonstrate how traditional ecological knowledge is influencing resource and wildlife management, giving hope to an ever-expanding and changing world.  Tune in with filmmakers Tim Keenan Burges (Paiute, Shoshone) and Kunu Dittmer-Bearchum (Northern Cheyenne/Ho-Chunk and other guests. The two-part series of discussions and film screenings will be held online via Zoom Monday, Nov 23, 2020, and Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Click the link to register online