Wisdom is forming a Native Climate Council and seeking recommendations of Native individuals willing to serve on this council. It will be formed during the spring and summer months of 2015 in order to consult on the issues being experienced in our local Native communities and to recommend individuals to be recorded and featured on the climate documentary films and radio programs.

Wisdom is excited to announce that we have received funding from National Endowment for the Arts to produce two more climate documentary films and two American Indian radio programs.  We will feature environmental and climate issues from the perspective of Portland’s Native American community and Oregon coastal tribes. Additional funding must be raised before we can start production and we are currently planning a crowdfunding campaign.

The formats will be much like the two films and radio programs produced by Wisdom over the past three years featuring Inupiaq (The People of the Whale); and Athabascan (People of the Caribou).  These films are now finalized and being entered into Film Festivals and we will update you on progress this fall.

Please contact us via Facebook or email if you would like to serve on the Native Climate Council or if you recommend someone to serve on the Native Climate Council. Please let us know their name, their native nation, and their area of knowledge. We  would like to include individuals and elders with environmental science, climate, traditional knoweldges, and/or cultural arts backgrounds.