Anne Morin

Writer Anne Morin is responsible for researching and writing the popular Tribal Rhythms feature on Wisdom of the Elders.

Educated in Virginia, Oregon and Montana, Morin’s life has been primarily focused in the field of learning. She has taught at Adams High School in Portland, Oregon, Portland State University and Hays/Lodge Pole High School at Fort Belknap in Hays, Montana. There, she met and married the late Hal (Bugoo) Morin. Her close relationship to his family members, especially her mother-in-law, Margaret, a Little Shell Chippewa, has served as the basis of a novel she is currently working on.

After returning to Oregon in the late 70’s, Morin began teaching English as a Second Language to the first refugees out of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, particularly the Hmong people of Laos. She has worked with Asian gang members from a variety of backgrounds. Morin was also involved, through the years, in working on several Foxfire writing and video projects that included students from more than ten different ethnic backgrounds.

Morin says her daughter, Nico Wind (Wisdom of the Elders music director), has been her favorite and most challenging teacher. Wind’s connection to the Indian community and its traditions, her obsession with the world of music, and her enthusiasm for sharing both have brought Morin to the Wisdom of the Elders radio project.