TEK Summit 2022

The 2022 National TEK Summit is an inaugural conference hosted and organized by Oregon State University’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge Club and sponsored by various entities. The purpose of this annual summit is to create space for Indigenous peoples, governments, academics, and allies to share and discuss Traditional Ecological knowledge-related topics are respectful and non-extractive ways that honor Indigenous data sovereignty.

This summit centers on many forms of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as they relate to Indigenous peoples and their ecosystems.

Topics include:

  • The scientific and managerial application of Traditional Ecological Knowledge;
  • Indigenous people’s concerns for data sovereignty surrounding sacred Traditional Ecological Knowledge-related data; artwork, music, and food geneses of Traditional Ecological Knowledge;
  • Indigenous futurities that maintain Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a guiding epistemology for Indigenous peoples; and other subjects relating to TEK.

Indigenous Data Sovereignty: All speakers who present data that were gathered from Indigenous peoples will be required to submit a form that provides evidence that the Indigenous peoples/ governments with whom you are working are fully Informed and consent to all of the information being shared during this conference. This Summit is not a place to share sacred forms of data. Tribal approvals of Indigenous research shared at the conference are mandatory.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge National Virtual Summit Registration Page

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