Are you passionate about the environment, Indigenous wisdom, and hands-on teaching? Do you yearn to be part of a team that’s dedicated to restoring First Foods and cultivating a harmonious relationship with the Earth? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! Join our team as an Environmental Instructor at Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. and play a pivotal role in connecting Native and BIPOC interns with Traditional Ecological Knowledge through immersive field experiences.


A Rewarding Role

As an Environmental Instructor with us, you’ll have the chance to make a real impact. Not only will you receive a competitive compensation of $26.50/hr, but you’ll also enjoy a health stipend of $200/month, demonstrating our commitment to your well-being. With a schedule of 30 hours per week, you’ll find a healthy work-life balance while still having the opportunity to engage fully in your passion for the environment.

More Than Just a Job

At Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., we’re more than just an organization; we’re a community rooted in the traditions of the First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Our work centers around the wisdom that has been passed down through generations, focusing on the intimate relationships between humans and the Plant People that have sustained us for thousands of years.

Hands-On Learning and Restoration

In this role, you’ll be entrusted with leading and instructing Native and BIPOC interns in hands-on field learning experiences. Together, you’ll apply Traditional Ecological Knowledge to environmental and First Foods Restoration projects. You’ll play a vital role in restoring and preserving native plant species that hold cultural and ecological significance, from the vibrant Salmonberry to the cherished Camas bulb.

A Glimpse into History

The First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest have a rich history as the original stewards of the land. They cultivated profound relationships with the Plant People, utilizing them for sustenance, medicine, ceremony, and more. This legacy lives on as we honor and protect native plant species, ensuring their continued use for food, medicine, and cultural practices.

Sustainability in Harmony

The lush Willamette Valley was historically managed using controlled field burning to promote the growth of essential plants like camas and berries. The principles of sustainability and communal sharing were ingrained in these practices, demonstrating the harmony that can exist between humanity and nature.

Join Our Community

At Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., we’ve planted the seeds of tradition and sustainability for our elders and future generations. We’ve cultivated a network of support, collaborating with partners like Zenger Farm to nurture our shared goals. By joining our team, you’ll become an integral part of this community-driven effort to restore, preserve, and educate.

Connect with Us

If this opportunity resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to Teresa at or call (503) 775-4014 to learn more and embark on a journey that merges environmental education with cultural preservation.

Are you ready to be part of something greater?

Join us as an Environmental Instructor and bridge the gap between tradition and the environment while cultivating a sustainable future. Embrace the wisdom of the elders and help us sow the seeds of knowledge for generations to come.